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As a tenant, you benefit from our expertise in matching people with their ideal home.


Because the professionals at Toseland Properties are tenants and landlords too, we understand what’s important when you choose to rent. Finding a property through us guarantees you security and peace of mind, because we don’t put them on our books without carrying out stringent checks on both home and landlord.


We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs, but it’s important to take into account that not all landlords can accept pets, smokers, students or people claiming housing benefit.


This section contains detailed information on what you can expect from us, and what we’ll ask from you in return – we’ve tried to cover everything, but welcome any questions either over the phone or in our office.


First of all…


We’ll need you to complete an application form and provide references. All tenants need to complete an application form – the references are an essential part of the process, but will be processed quickly and confidentially.


Students or people who are currently unemployed will need a guarantor – someone who promises to pay the rent if you can’t. You might also need a guarantor if you earn a lower wage, as we ask that tenants’ monthly income is at least two and a half times the monthly rent. This means if rent is £500 a month, you need to earn £15,000 or more.


Guarantors will need to fill out an application form and supply references too – once these are checked and they’ve signed a document called a deed of guarantee, we can move forward! Everyone who applies to be a tenant has to pay a fee, which covers the cost of our administration and obtaining your credit references. This needs to be paid when you submit your form and it can’t be returned, so it’s important to make sure you meet our criteria first.


Now you’re a tenant…


As soon as your application has been given the green light, we’ll be in touch to arrange a date and time for you to move in. This is the exciting part, and we know you’ll want to be in as soon as possible. We’ll get you and (if applicable) your guarantor into the office to sign a tenancy agreement and after that you should be able to move in after just seven working days. Before you get the key, we need one month’s rent and the deposit which can be paid via a variety of payment methods including cheques and an online faster payment system - and we’ll get you to fill out a standing order so we can collect the rent each month.  A deposit is always required; we will register this with an approved deposit scheme within 14 days of the tenancy move in or start date.


When you’ve moved in…


Bills are often the first thing to think about when you move home (unfortunately!). To make sure everything runs smoothly, we let gas, water and electricity suppliers know what the meter readings are at the start of your tenancy. We also tell the local authority what’s happening. We do everything we can to make sure everything runs smoothly, but we strongly advise new tenants to contact utility companies to double check they’ve received and processed your details.


Don’t forget that any insurance the landlord has will only cover the building, not your belongings. You’ll need to either arrange contents insurance or contact your current provider to tell them your details have changed.


That should be everything…


But if we haven’t covered something you need to know, give our office a call on: 01246 20 52 04 or drop into our office.

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